Management Associate Program (MAP)



MAP programme is carefully designed to give top candidates an accelerated, visible career path in the company. At YNH, we recognize that tomorrow’s leaders are today’s students and graduates. We aim to be dependable, open and well connected in everything we do. Our approach to working collaboratively is to embrace the difference and variety of ideas and perspectives.

where do you see yourself in YNH?

Explore YNH Management Associate Program streams.


Phase 1 • 4 Weeks Buddy Program
Assigned to a mentor from the top management. Gain fundamental skills for high-rise property development in Kuala Lumpur.

Phase 2 • 16 | 16 | 16 Weeks Property Sales
Learn property sales procedures, planning, development and identify the customer touchpoints.

Property Marketing
Understand audience targetting, property marketing and branding.

Business Development
Identify business opportunities, initiate investment sales and explore product innovation.

Phase 3 • 52 weeks Personalised Rotation
Jump start your career with a placement in the career area that suits your strengths, ambition, and passion. Start making real business decisions!


Phase 1 • 4 Weeks Buddy Program
Assigned to a mentor from the top management. Gain fundamental skills for high-rise property development in Kuala Lumpur

Phase 2 • 16 | 16 | 16 Weeks Project Development
Understand project planning, execution, quantitative analysis and budgeting.

Project Planning
Learn concept design and planning, consultants and contractors management, and claim procedures.

Understand ordering, purchasing and storing procedures, and supplier management

Phase 3 • 52 weeks Personalised Rotation
Jump start your career with a placement in the career area that suits your strengths, ambition, and passion. Start making real business decisions!

We know that successful graduates are always on a constant look-out for new opportunities and challenges, so we have designed a program that will enable you to work in a variety of departments and a range of projects - there will always be new opportunities for you to add value to and the change to get involved in the right direction that will shape your career with us at YNH. 

Location - about seri manjung

With a total population of about 247,603, the rapid population boom in Manjung, or “Dingding” as it was formerly known, has contributed to the intense development of the district, which was once part of the British Colony. The unprecedented demand for new residential and commercial infrastructure to be built has resulted in the birth of Bandar Seri Manjung, the district’s principal urban centre.

The district is well known for its Pangkor Island, a major attraction in Perak and the home of the Royal Malaysian Navy (TLDM) Lumut Naval Base and dockyard.

Designated as the Economic Exclusive Zone, Manjung has been a location of choice for any leading national and multinational organizations to set up their business operations, thus creating an expatriate community whom have made this district their home.

Submit your applications before 1st July 2019
Program timeline: 8 January 2020 – 7 January 2022

Phases & Streams

phase 1

The 2-year program begins in Kuala Lumpur with four weeks curriculum that covers the fundamental skills you need to start as a Management Associate. During this phase, you will develop critical industry skills and experience the sophisticated high-rise development exposure.

Phase 1 gives you insights to all facets of high-rise property development and truly grows your in-depth knowledge in property development as a whole.  Every management associate will have access to the company’s top leaders, who will work closely with you to help you achieve your fullest potential.

Your development will be delivered through:

• Mentorship

• Construction site visits

• Hands-on experience

• Classroom training

• Exposure to senior executives


Phase 2

After completion of Phase 1 in Kuala Lumpur, you will transition into Phase two where you will be relocating to your assigned geography, typically in Manjung, Perak. However, a few selected positions will have additional training in Kuala Lumpur.

The structure of Phase 2 may vary slightly for each candidate. Each candidate can choose 3 stream-specific departments to spend for the next 48 weeks, overseeing cross functional projects in Manjung. In each placement you will be supporting or leading the delivery of a project or working in a role that is critical to our business, giving you responsibilities and the opportunity to make real business decisions. Here, you will also gain hands-on experience and have the opportunity to work closely with your peers to help you achieve your fullest potential.


Phase 3

After reaching the 1 year mark in your career with YNH, you will be given the choice of one of the 3 stream-specific departments you have chosen for phase 2 to further grow your skills and potential. There will be an annual performance appraisal and review to assist you in your decision.

To be successful in a management position requires a broad range of know-how and skills - here, you will be a leader of your own and ready to make independent decisions!




Property Sales

Sales Procedures Improve the property sales procedures from walk-ins, bookings, signing of purchase agreements to sales collection, handover of keys and post-sale services
Develop a full knowledge of buyer’s financing options inclusive of bank and government loans
Improve the delivery and handover process of completed properties through effective communication with planning and maintenance department

Sales Planning Conduct market research, identify and source leads, and expand existing databases
Personalize customer buying experience

Sales Development Expand sales reach through agency, online listing, and other potential platforms
Take charge of sales planning and execution for at least one property project

Your key takeaways: Understand the overall property sales procedures inclusive of sales documentation, collection, and handover
Exposed to dealing with solicitor(s), Maintenance, Planning and Sales Department

Property Marketing

Audience Targetting Increase visibility through effective usage of Google Adwords, Facebook advertisement, SMS Blast advanced ad techniques.
Target customers by social demographics, supply and demand factors, local economic factors

Property Marketing Promote property through marketing initiatives
Design and track effectiveness of marketing initiatives
managing the production of marketing materials, including leaflets, posters, flyers, newsletters, rendered images, copywriting, and video production etc.
Involve in at least 1 property project from designing, materials planning, printing, to installation of marketing materials
Manage marketing and sales campaigns across multiple residential developments across Perak region

Branding Improve overall branding through brand identity
Provide market driven direction and feedback to enhance positioning and branding of new residential projects
Improve brand rating by personalising content and engagement with audience

Key Takeaways: Master techniques such as 360 degrees drone panorama, video production, and photo editing skills
Walk away as an all rounder specialised in property branding and marketing
Understand the overall marketing function in a property developer, and experience leading and communicating the marketing components of a property project with the sales department

Business Development

Business Development Representation Locate, propose, and attract potential business opportunities by contacting potential partners
Work with current and prospective retail tenants to win new businesses
Township planning, inclusive of identifying and attracting the potential amenities to complement the township
Using our research department’s advanced technologies, give recommendations on the pricing and product mix for property development
Conduct feasibility study for a project taking into account expenses for materials, finance, and consultants
Collect and compile our land bank details to provide sound information for holistic decision making on land, authority approvals, construction making

Investment Sales Representation Originate, direct the marketing of, negotiate and close commercial real estate sale assignments, and/or equity joint ventures
Develop and maintain long-term industry relationships with private and institutional owners, investors, and service providers to promote new business development

Innovative Development Explore and implement the differentiation opportunities in our property projects

Your key takeaways: Master our competitor and customer research techniques for ideal product type and pricing
Opportunity arrange and secure potential township elements such as bank, educational institution, fund investors
Implement innovative features to differentiate our product offerings and improve efficiency of our operations



Concept Design and Planning Develop and maintain a detailed project plan
Manage project deliverables in line with the project plan
Understand the procedures in securing the appropriate approvals, certifications, permits for a property development
Maintain and execute project contracts in accordance with department and corporate requirements
Manage and share project documents including, but not limited to, discretionary and non-discretionary approvals, covenants, construction documents, contracts/change orders and closeout documentation
Assist with project design (particularly from market and budget perspectives)
Contribute to predevelopment design efforts. Ability to critique floor plans, amenities, and design
Preparation of project approval documents

Consultants and Contractors Management Assist in the management of development projects including the oversight of project contractors and consultants
Assist in negotiating and drafting contract terms and scope with design consultants and contractors
Manage architectural/engineering and associated specialists teams
Plan and coordinate the activities of project personnel, contractors or other support providers, including the preparation of preliminary time schedules for project design and implementation
Provide support to tendering and contracting processes as requested
Provide comprehensive project planning and monitoring, reporting using project plan format

Claims Review monthly progress claims from consultants for compliance with consultant agreements and recommending payments
Review and analysing project background data and reports with respect to contract issues, i.e. claims, change orders, schedule reports, delays analysis, disputed issues, etc.
Provide a complete detailed analysis of the monthly project schedule submissions commencing at the beginning of the project construction
Analyze delay impact and associated costs resulting from the cumulative effect of numerous change orders
Assist the Project Manager in determining why a contractor is claiming for additional costs that have not been covered by change orders

Key Takeaways: Gain knowledge of planning function for property development Make impact on design stage
Understand the role of clients when dealing with consultants and contractors
Comprehend the causes of delays and mitigate them


Store Understand and improve the nature of storekeeping
Increase efficiency through improvements of layouts, communication platforms for stock ordering

Purchasing Procedures Implement and improve the purchasing procedures through our new purchasing software
Allocate purchasing of materials by project base to allow comparison with budgets set
Conduct random sample checks on payments and alert the management on suspicious payments

Supplier Management Monitor supplier’s performance through delivery times, quality, cost and performance
Initiate price comparisons and increase supplier base for building materials contract services

Key Takeaways: Differentiate between the nature of materials and plant, property and equipment
Access to the full overview of stock ordering procedures from construction site and maintenance with high transparency to improve internal controls
Master and improve the communication between item requestor, quantity surveyor, purchasing department, and store


Project Planning Maintain project timelines and ensure milestones are met on time and within budget
Prepare and track development budget related to assigned projects Provide project status reports to senior Development staff, planning department and other stakeholders
Assist in manpower management on cross projects basis Implement and communicate any new initiatives as provided by the management

Project Execution Coordinating and directing project team(s) in order to meet project objectives for content, quality, costs, and schedules
Prepare formal work breakdown structure and compliance charts
Plan, direct, and controll the activities of a project team within scheduled time and cost parameters
Ensure site progress is kept in check and the steps of constructions are strictly adhered to

Quantitative and Budgeting Provide recommendations on existing bill of quantities for each project supplied by the quantity surveyor
Ensure item request approvals by site supervisor are reasonable and in sync with project progress

Key Takeaways: Gain strong project management skills
Involve in at least 1 project from scheduling of work to overseeing its construction progress
Gain superior collaboration skills and ability to manage cross-functional relationships within the organisation
Master construction drawing reading, construction methods and procedures from start to end
Master the materials used and their costs associated to a property development

Who Should Apply


Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience or higher

Strong communication, client focus and influencing skills

Sound knowledge on the Property sector in general

Able to communicate well in English and local languages

Strong computer skills, including proficiency in Microsoft Excel, Project, and PowerPoint 

How to Apply


Step 1: Submitting Your Application.

Register here

Step 2: Matching Candidates to Jobs

Reviewing Applications Now that you've submitted your interest to a specific job, your profile will be reviewed and you will receive notification regarding any potential next steps.

The Pre-employment Assessment Some positions require an assessment, either online or by phone, at this stage to measure your skills, knowledge and abilities for the job. If you're invited to complete an assessment through an email, please set aside some time to complete it within the required time frame.

If your qualifications appear to be a potential match for a position, a recruiter will contact you to gain more insight into your experience. This conversation is also your chance to ask questions about job requirements, location, work environment or other information that's important to you about the position.

Step 3: Preparing for your interview

If you’re selected to move forward in the process, a recruiter will work with you to schedule an interview and letting you know what to expect.

Some interviews are conducted by phone, while others are face-to-face. If your interview is by phone, plan to find a quiet spot where you’ll be away from interruptions. If travel is required for an in-person meeting, you may be contacted by a specialist to coordinate transportation and accommodations. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Stay Up-to-Date Make sure your resume reflects your most current experience. It’s a good idea to review the job description and your resume just prior to the interview so that the specifics are fresh in your mind.

Know Your Strengths Be ready to discuss how your skills and expertise fit the needs of the team or department.

Be Strategic Prepare for behavioral interview questions. Think about specific examples that show you how you have used critical skills that demonstrate your ability to succeed at that job.

Utilize Resources It's helpful to understand the business. Research public information about YNH and the area of business for which you are interviewing. This insight can be helpful in composing questions for the interviewer.

Step 4: Receiving an Offer

If you’ve been selected for the position, the recruiter will contact you with a verbal offer of employment followed by an official offer letter via email. Please note that all offers are contingent upon successfully fulfilling pre-employment qualifications such as drug testing and background checks.

If you accept the offer and meet all pre-employment qualifications, your recruiter will work with you to determine a start date for your new position.

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