a local success story

about our Founder.


Much of Malaysia was in poverty in the 1970s, but in the small town of Sitiawan, Perak, the late Dato’ Yu Neh Huat (YNH) held on dear to his aspirations to unify the people and to rebuild their lives and future. With the core principle of trust and his inherent disposition to give and be generous, this young and visionary man established YNH Property Berhad in 1982 to begin the development of the township of Sitiawan.

He strived to recover the strong community spirit of having faith in fellow neighbours and his efforts were rewarded as he eventually earned the trust of the people of Sitiawan and moved forward with them towards a developed future.

“To create positive changes to the lives and future of the people” is and has always been YNH’s vision.


company history timeline


YNH Property Berhad expanded its operations from the small town of Manjung into Kuala Lumpur in 2006 in where it faced a whole new set of challenges. Competing on the same platform with established property developers that had a head start and an upper hand in the Kuala Lumpur property market were amongst the many challenges faced. Slowly but steadfastly, YNH Property Berhad gained its well-deserved recognition as an admirable property developer in Malaysia.

  • Incorporation of Company

  • First 5000 units of property completed

  • Listed on Stock Exchange Bursa Malaysia

  • First 10,000 units of property completed

  • Completed Lot 163 (Fraser Place), 216 Units, GDV MYR 300M

  • Completed 633 Residency, 180 Units, GDV MYR 149M

  • Asia's Best Under a Billion Award by Forbes

  • Completed Ceriaan Kiara, 238 Units, GDV MYR 200M

  • Completed 188 Suites (Fraser Residence), 446 Units, GDV MYR 600M

  • First 15,000 units of property completed


our vision

Enriching the lives and the future of people.



By building on trust and forming a stable partnership with our stakeholders, we identify and provide lifestyle solutions that cater to different needs.


value proposition

Maximising value by leveraging convenience and accessibility of property developments in prime locations whilst delivering high standards of service and extensive in-house expertise in property development.



What makes the culture at YNH so distinctive? Everything that empowers us to bring our best:




Make ethical and responsible decisions for the future generation


Pursue only the best quality in everything we do


Ensure full and transparent information readily available to allow optimum collaboration and collective decision making


Uphold integrity and honesty in all our dealings


Encourage and reward all our talents based on performance and quality of work


Cooperate, learn, and grow across boundaries in where passion and purpose come together


Anything we can do, we can do better.

Like a symphony, it takes a lot of people working together to develop a standard. We are proud to have achieved ISO 9001 in quality management systems and ISO 14001 in environmental management.